Why would you move more? Why would you sweat yourself? And why should you exercise in your precious leisure time? The answer is simple. Exercise is super important and super healthy. Exercising has an incredibly positive contribution to good health and a healthy weight. But what type of exercise is right for your purpose? For example, one form of movement helps you to lose weight, another form of exercise improves your condition and yet another form of exercise helps to get stronger.
Regular exercise contributes to good health, strong bones and a healthy weight. This helps exercise weight loss, weight control, a better condition, a nice fit, a slimmer body, better resistance and you name it.

Below you can read 13 good reasons to exercise more.

  1. Exercise to burn calories.
    Exercise causes your calories to burn. That is essential when you want to lose weight. You achieve sustainable weight reduction through a combination of healthy nutrition and regular exercise.

  2. Acceleration of your metabolism.
    By exercising more you burn more calories. You develop more muscles and improve your fitness. Your body adapts to this by operating in a higher gear. It will therefore teach you to deal more efficiently and effectively with the nutrition that you take. Accelerating your metabolism is also a very good way to lose weight or to keep your body weight stable.

  3. Moving improves your feeling.
    When you exercise your mood will improve and stress is reduced. It works relaxing and you will sleep better. If you start exercising more often, your body also makes the body’s own neurotransmitters more often. These neurotransmitters determine for an important part how you feel. Fortunately, you can influence these fabrics yourself. Just like building a house, you need building blocks (proteins) and cement (co-factors) to build neurotransmitters. Add more proteins to your diet? Try our Lovely Pancake mix….delicious and healthy! More information about neurotransmitters will follow shortly due to it’s complexety.

  4. Your self-confidence rises.
    If you start to move more, you will look better and your self-confidence will automatically rise.

  5. Moving is just very healthy.
    Physical exercise not only has a positive effect on your weight, but also on your heart, your blood circulation, your blood pressure, your immune system and even your memory. Moreover, the aging process is delayed by movement. So you will look younger for longer.
  6. Improve your thinking ability.
    Not only your muscles, but also your brain benefits from regular exercise. Intensive physical exercise promotes blood circulation. So there is more oxygen in your brain.

  7. More sense in sex.
    Actually, this is reason enough to move more. If you exercise more, your condition improves and you get more energy to do other things. That way you become more active in bed. Just try.
  8. Burn fat.
    By exercising more you immediately burn more calories. Even after the exercise you will still burn a few hours extra calories. Your body is then recovering and that requires energy. Your muscle mass also increases and muscles need more calories to function. A kilogram of body fat requires about 9 kilocalories per day. But a kilo of muscle needs up to 90 kilocalories to function.

  9. Satisfied with your body.
    It turns out that by moving you get a more positive body image and more self-confidence. You are going to view your body differently. Instead of what it looks like, you also look at what it can do.

  10. Less stress and worry.
    By moving more intensively, your body makes endorphins and dopamine. These are neurotransmitters. These fabrics give you a euphoric and good feeling, so you can better against stress and worries. It is a kind of homemade, natural drug.

  11. Moving liberates you from dips.
    Intensive exercise can reduce depressive feelings. Your body makes the substance phenylethylamine during the work out. As a result of the efforts, the content of this substance increases rapidly.
    For the best result, it is wise to regularly spend 20 to 30 minutes on a form of exercise on 70 percent of your assets. Running is very suitable for this.

  12. Moving keeps your bones healthy.
    The density of your bones decreases after your 30th year of life, making them more and more fragile. Movement can help prevent this. In order to become and stay strong, it is important to regularly stimulate your bones. Also adding high quality collagen can tribute to stronger bones. Use our Lovely Collagen Drink for optimal benifits.

  13. Exercising reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.
    Regular exercise has a preventive effect on the main causes of cardiovascular disease, increased blood pressure and the risk of diabetes 2. Regular exercise also has a positive effect on your cholesterol balance and reduces the risk of arteriosclerosis.

This is just a small list of benifits to exercise. It all starts with making a choise for yourself. Why not now? Why not you? Let this day be the first day of the rest of your healthy life!