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Our Lovely Daytime TeaTox is specially formulated for those Lovely’s who wants to banish bloating and create a flat belly.

The Tea has a unique blend of 8 natural herbs with a delicious soft taste.

Now you can enjoy your daily teatime and  fit in your jeans, lose some pounds and reach your weight loss goals.

(nb: Lovely TeaTox does not contain Senna)

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♥  Powerful 100% natural tea blend.
♥  Proven metabolic boosting properties.
♥  Increase energy.
♥  Soft fresh & fruity taste.
♥  Cleanses your body.
♥  Reduces bloating.
♥  Stimulates fat burning.
♥  Suppresses appetite.

♥  Get your Lovely tea glass out.

♥  Bring fresh water to a boil.

♥  Pour the water after it stopped boiling in your glass.

♥  Soak the pyramidbag for 2-5 minutes in your glass.

♥  Relax and enjoy…….. a little moment to yourself.

Every pouch contains 14 bio degradable pyramid bags.

♥  Just enjoy your ‘Me’ tea moment whenever you want.

♥  Only a delicious natural taste and no calories or sugar.

1 review for TeaTox Day

  1. Pamela

    I love this tea. It tastes delicious and my stomach is not so bloated anymore. Especially after some herbs, beans aso I suffered from bloating. But those days are gone 🙂 Thanx Lovely for this good product.

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