Resistance Rope Pink


Are you not so “into” the gym?
But do you want to work on your body when it suits you?

Then this Resistance Rope Pink is definitely for you!

  Your body becomes tighter and stronger
♥  You develop muscle tissue
 And you can do it when it suits you

Now you can do your fitness exercises everywhere … at home, on vacation, in the woods, the beach … wherever you want.

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♥  Builds muscle.
♥  Burn fat.
♥  Increase power.
♥  Improve flexibility.
♥  Improve muscle definition.
♥  Lose weight.
♥  Restore injury.
♥  Tighter skin.



♥  The most effective way will be if you use me every day.
♥  Only a few minutes a day can make a huge difference in how you look & feel.
♥  There are a lot of different exercises you can do with different strenght of powerband.
♥  Visit our blog for fitness tips & exercises.





♥  I am for light & medium use.

♥  L 115 cm.



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