Fitness Power Band Red (medium resistance)


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Are you not so “into” the gym?
But do you want to work on your body when it suits you?

Then this Fitness Power Band Red is definitely for you!

  Your body becomes tighter and stronger
  You develop muscle tissue
 And you can do it when it suits you

Now you can do your fitness exercises everywhere … at home, on vacation, in the woods, the beach … wherever you want.

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♥  Builds muscle.
♥  Burn fat.
♥  Increase power.
♥  Improve flexibility
♥  Improve muscle def.inition.
♥  Lose weight.
♥  Restore injury.
♥  Tighter skin.

♥  The most effective way will be if you use me every day.
♥  Only a few minutes a day can make a huge difference in how you look & feel.
♥  There are a lot of different exercises you can do with different strenght of powerband.
♥  Visit our blog for fitness tips & exercises.

♥  I am for medium use.

♥  L 30 X W 5 cm.

Power Bands, or resistance bands, are excellent for resistance training and dynamic strength. They are increasingly being used in fitness, yoga, strength training and other workouts. Power Bands are elastic bands which the muscles during the training can provide a targeted resistance. In this way, each exercise is much more effective, allowing you to quickly reach your training goals.

Power Bands can be applied in virtually all forms of exercise and are ideal for stretching, injury prevention and rehabilitation, support for pull up (calisthenics), training of stamina and speed, targeted muscle building and other strength training.
Power Bands are fine to use for all levels, from beginners to professional athletes.

You can use them always and everywhere. Whether you’re at home, on the road, on vacation, in the office even when you are jogging.
With Power Bands you can train, wherever and whenever you want.
The Power Bands are not for nothing the smallest gym in the world 🙂

The special thing about Power Bands are the training videos.
There are countless online training videos which are developed by experts and accompanied by experienced trainers for a high training quality.
So you can easily find exactly which exercises are best suited for you and for your training goals.

The Power Bands are available in three different strengths, from beginners (light), intermediate (medium) to professionals (heavy).
The higher the level, the greater the resistance and the more intensive training.
Finding the right resistance is among other things depending on factors such as your own power, your weight, your endurance and your training goals.

So there a many reasons to use me….your body will love it!


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