Lovely Shaker


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The Lovely Shaker is the ideal aid in the preparation of:

  A shake … it becomes nice and creamy, has no lumps and tastes even better
♥  A nice fluffy pancake
♥  A collagen beauty drink without lumps

Also very useful for preparing an omelet, dressings, iced coffee or dipping sauces.



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♥  For airy pancakes.
♥  For collagen beauty drink without lumps.
♥  For creamy shakes.
♥  For dressings.
♥  For an omelet.
♥  For dip sauces.
♥  For iced coffee.

♥  Wash me before you use me.
♥  I also like to be washed by hand.
♥  You can wash me in a dishwasher but because of the big temperature differences it could cause cracks in my skin.

♥  500ml Shaker.
♥  Screw top lid (no spills).
♥  Sieve insert for lumb free shakes, pancakes and collagen drinks.


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