Lovely Pancake Mix


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Do you want more variety in your daily diet?
But not unhealthy food with lots of sugar and fat?
Something that you can eat guilt free and even lose weight?

Well, here it is…..Lovely Pancake mix.

It provides your body with:

♥  High quality proteins
  Extra Vitamins & Minerals so that you can make a full meal of it.
  and a hint of cinnamon

Now you can eat and lose weight without feeling guilty.

You can prepare the Lovely Pancake Mix both savory and sweet (cottage cheese with blueberries & raspberries and honey).


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♥  High in proteins.

♥  Extra Vitamins & Minerals.

♥  Outstanding taste & fluffy texture.

♥  For longtime satisfaction.

♥  Dissolve 40g (2 scoops) of pancake powder in 100-120ml water or milk.

♥  Shake¹ well and bake me in a lightly greased (cocnut oil) frying pan for one delicious pancake or 2 crêpes.

Start enjoying!

* One tub contains 450g which is enough for 11 pancakes or 22 crêpes.

* Scoop included.

Check out delicious recipes for the Lovely Pancakes at our blog, https://www.lovelytotalyou.eu/category/lovely-pancakes/

¹) TIP: use our Lovely Shaker for fluffy pancakes without any lumps.


♥  Now you can choose to start your day with a Lovely shake or a delicious pancake.

♥  For recipes go to our Lovely blog for inspiration and suggestions.

Ingredients: Protein isolate, whey protein concentrate 80, vitamin- & mineral blend, oat flour, whole egg powder, cinnamon, sweetener sucralose.

NUTRITION VALUE Per 100g Per 40g
Energy 427,2 kCal 170,9 kCal
  1197,6 kJ 719,0 kJ
Protein 42,6 17,0
Carbohydrates 26,6 10,7
Sugars 1,4 0,6
Fat 16,9 6,7
Saturates 5,3 2,1
Fiber 3,8 1,5
Salt 1,76 0,7


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